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12-20-2007, 11:24 PM
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I don't know if I play amazing with any one particular player that I know, but I do know that I really need teammates of at least my skill level in order to play my best (that sounds a little confusing at first haha). In other words, I'm not the type who, even if I'm going up against 5 people of lesser skill than me, is going to just dominate and put it in the net. I'll beat one of them and then mess up.

I need someone to work the give and go with. I consider my passing and ability to shoot off the pass my strong points. So If I have someone who knows how to get open, I can get them the puck. Or if I have someone who can make good passes, I'll put myself in position to hammer it home.

If I don't have very good teammates on my line though, I'm pretty useless. I've never worked much on my 1 on 1 skill until recently. Now it takes three traffic cones to shut me down!

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