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04-06-2004, 02:56 AM
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While that is pretty impressive, it seems the B's lack post season success. 2 cups in the last 36 years huh. that's pretty much nothing. aside from you being 36 years old, that is a very arbitrary number. If I chose 19(number of cups ive been around for), we would have a much different picture.

B's would have 0 cups, and but a single cup appearance in which they lost to the Oilers. The habs would have 3 appearances, and 2 cups. Leafs would still have jack, and the Hawks would have but a single appearance where they lost to Pittsburgh. Rangers have one appearance, and one cup, and the Wings, have 4 appearances, and 3 cups. So of the original 6, in my lifetime the B's rank among the worst of franchises. Then if we look at the rest of the league we see Colorado has 2 cups in 2 appearances,a nd that Dallas/Minnesota franchise you talked about has 1 cup in 3 appearances. Devils have 3 cups in 4 appearances, and the pens have 2 in 2. In my lifetime, the Oilers have at least 4 cups, probably 5. Habs 2, Flames 1, Devils 3, Avs 2, Wings 3, Pens 2, and most importantly for this arguement, B's 0. The B's playoff success has been about the equivalent of Vancouver or Chicago. Never good enough to win it all, but have at times been close, but for the most part went out in the first 2 rounds. All the teams you mentioned as having similar success to Boston in the last 36 years have in reality had much more playoff success, because unlike Boston, all those teams have been there more than once in the last 20 years, and have won it at least once in the last 32. The 2 cups you witnessed, in 1970 and 1972. Pretty much the very beginning of your days. Since then, at least in the playoffs, have little to show for. Call me a troll if you want, but your assessment was completly biased, and this should bring everyone down to earth.

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