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04-06-2004, 06:05 AM
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[QUOTE=Fish on The Sand]While that is pretty impressive, it seems the B's lack post season success. 2 cups in the last 36 years huh. that's pretty much nothing. aside from you being 36 years old, that is a very arbitrary number. If I chose 19(number of cups ive been around for), we would have a much different picture.

It's not that impressive when you consider the unfair advantage that Montreal enjoyed over every other team. Imagine if they had said to Toronto, *You guys take the first three picks out of the OHL, then have the same access to players everywhere, accept for a few tiny counties in the Province of New Brunswick. Give me a break. It would be Toronto that had all the Cups. 86 was the first Cup they won had no *taint* to it.

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