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04-06-2004, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Mad-Marcus
Haven't seen a hockey player worth a damn that didn't have a dirty streak to him.

Oh, what's his name, that got suspended for attacking a guy in the playoffs and causing rioting in some French Canadian shanty.

OH, Maurice Richard! That's the ticket. Boy he was the poster boy for clean play! :lol
The Rocket went to his grave claiming innocence on that one. It actually happened with about a week to go in the season, against the damn Bruins. He was fighting Hal Laycoe when [and there have been conflicting accounts] Laycoe got loose for a punch when the linesman had Richard tied up.Richard then apparently slugged the official. He claims to have swung at Laycoe and didn't know what happened. I suspect that after the punch, Richard lost it, as he was well known for doing. There were stories of Richard breaking sticks over Laycoe in retaliation for something, but I don't know, this occurred around the time of my conception. Richard was hated in the league office as he was known for avenging cheap shots. As a top scorer, I'd imagine he faced a lot of abuse and settled his own battles. When this happened, 5 league owners told Campbell, it was time to teach this guy a lesson. The riot occurred when he got the same suspension as Bertuzzi. On a side note, the Habs didn't win it without him, but won the next 5.
I've thought for awhile that part of Thornton growing into a leader would be some controlled emotion, and I suspect that a lot of you agree with that.
Like or hate the comments going back and forth, at least we all care. You think the Tampa/NYI fans are going tooth and nail like this ?

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