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04-06-2004, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by doug mckenzie
guys we all know that eddie belfour is having back problems and it might jeapordise there playoff run to the stanley cup..

now that being said i heard what happened !!!

a little over a month and a half ago ,when the leafs were planning out there parade route for when they win the stanley cup this year,they also practiced hoisting the stanley cup over there heads(they need the practice cause its been so long eh) and the rumour has it thats how eddie hurt his back!!!!! it was a bad hand off from tucker i heard...

again buy the time the leafs win the stanley cup they will need to bring it to center ice on a forklift ,it will be so big by then!!!!

go habs go

p.s please leafs dont win the cup ! i dont want to witness bob cole take a heart attack on national tv!!!!

i wonder if harry neale knows CPR?
because the habs are such nice guys, why dont they plan a parade route that goes al the way to tornonto, cause thats the closes theyll ever get to the cup

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