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04-06-2004, 11:14 AM
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PLEASE READ THIS THREAD: Playoffs and reaping what you sow, trolling-wise

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us. Cheering for your team is great, and each and every fan should be able to root on their respective team as much as they like. Intelligent, well-thought out discussions between opposing teams' fans CAN and SHOULD occur. We're all hockey fans, regardless of the teams we support. All playoff teams (and their fans) deserve your respect.

That said, trolling will not be tolerated on opposing team boards. What constitutes trolling, you might ask? Going to the opposing team's board and doing any of the following:
  • Posting ANYTHING with the intent of riling up/inciting the opposing team's fans on THEIR team board
  • Gloating when your team wins a game or series
  • Starting inflammatory threads
  • Participating in a pissing contest
  • Taking an existing thread well off-topic by turning it into a pissing contest
  • Attacking the poster instead of the opinion/turning a valid debate into a personal potshot festival
  • Making posts that don't add anything intelligent to a discussion (i.e., "Your team sucks!" You're going down!" "So-and-so sucks!" "Go (insert team here), go!")

In other words, folks, show some decorum/respect when you're visiting another team's boards. You want to trash-talk, do so on YOUR OWN TEAM'S BOARD. Trolling posters will be dealt with in a manner based on prior history/previous warnings.

The playoffs should be a fun time for ALL posters. It would really be a shame if your actions ended up forcing you to miss being able to show your support for your team during this time. Help make these playoffs a great time for everyone on the boards! Show your support for your team without belittling/degrading others, and acting juvenile and foolish.


The following is included so EVERYONE will know exactly what the consequences for their actions will be.

Instances of trolling during the playoffs should be dealt with in the following manner (under usual circumstances as not everything can be covered and the Admins will have the final say):

1st offense with no prior warnings issued for trolling - If no previous/past warnings have been issued for trolling, the person will receive a PM'd warning, a user note will be attached to the user's profile indicating his/her trolling, and the person will be put on probation (posts will be need to be approved by a moderator for the duration of the playoffs).
1st offense with prior warnings issued for trolling - If previous/past warnings have been issued for trolling, the person will receive a PM'd warning, a user note will be attached to the user's profile indicating his/her trolling, and the person will get a 1-day ban.
2nd offense - 3-day ban.
3rd offense - 2-week ban.
Any further offense - Permanent ban.

It should also be noted that the fans of THIS board will also be held accountable for responding to any trolls before they're dealt with by the moderators/admins. If you come across a post that you consider trolling, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM!!!! Instead of falling into the trap and reaping the exact same consequences that the trolls will be subject to, click on the "!" at the bottom left of the offending post. This will report the post, thus alert the moderators that there is a post that needs looking at.


Thanks to the Bruins moderators for this well-written piece. All 6 moderators have reached an agreement on how trolling will be dealt since the emotions will certainly be higher than any moment in the season. In stickying this thread, Patty, J-D and myself will take into consideration that every posters has read it and is aware of what could happen if you post with any of the behaviors suggested. Always remember to use the ''Bad Post Report'' link instead of feeding the trolls, we are counting on everybody to help us with this matter.

Now let's enjoy this 2003-2004 Bruins - Habs serie like it should.

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