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04-06-2004, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH
Assuming Thornton plays I would have no problem putting Mahty Lapointe on his line along with Murray for a few shifts and here's why. Lapointe if anything is tough, he hits, he's an exceptional nongoon fighter who can calm down aggitators. Jullian is going to play Begin against Thornton then I'd love to see Begin get 'rat packed' himself- trust me, its fun doing the hunting but sucks when the tables are suddenly turned. I would think going after Thornton would be a good situation for Boston if they can remain focused because the adrenaline flow and focus over that would likely give the Broons a real push- assuming they didn't do something stupid or Kerry Fraser wasn't reffing. Gill for one needs to be aware of this as his sticking up for teammates is great but these refs will look to even things out quickly. And Joe needs to know he should skate away and if he's pissed tell the player someday, sometime, someplace I am going to stick a Koho where the sun don't shine. Play Now, Payback Later.....
If I were Sullivan I'd tell the guys to play as disciplined as possible and explain there will plenty of time for retribution- keep sticks down on all hits and 'take the number and share the number '. The Bruins did it with Chara they can do it with whoever. There was an old story that the Bruins used to not only get the troublemakers but the top skill players also to send the message. Begin seems to be spouting his mouth off but can he back it up when its his arse being smacked around himself- we'll see.
When I first read your post I'll admit that I thought it was a goofy idea putting Marty on the first line, but now I think we ought to add some muscle to create space for Joe. And it could act as a contraceptive measure against the Habs trying to exploit his injury.

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