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04-06-2004, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by TiesAreLikeWins 2 Us
I agree, and I think Cechmanek should be our #1 Goalie. If you look at the games he's played, he really stole us points that we never should have had.
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Originally Posted by TiesAreLikeWins 2 Us
Who played the majority of the games that mattered down the stretch? HUET. And I think we can all agree, he didnt get the job done. Well, neither did Roman, but he certainly played better.
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you are the FIRST person to use statistics to backup Cechmanek. If anything, statistics backup huet more then anything, but i'm not going to go into nitty gritty statistics battle on this. Fact is, cechmanek sucked and blew it here. It took a long time for AM to finally see it, but thank goodness he finally let go of his stubborn 80/20 starter/backup split ideas.

Cechmanek is one of the worst goalies i've ever seen in my life. His sole strengths rely on his size and ability to take up the net. I'm not the only one who's said this, there have been many legitamit analyzers who say the same damn thing. it's absurd and ridiculous to defend him in anyway

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