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11) Luis Suaréz (S/W; Ajax) 9.0C

Luis Suaréz is tied for being the most expensive Eredivisie transfer in history when he moved to Ajax for 9 millions. And with that, the supertalent has taken yet another step in the right direction, by proving his worth for a top Eredivisie side. Suaréz has developed some sick chemestry with striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. He's currently 3rd in the Eredivisie with 9 regular goals (no penalties). On top of that, he also leads the league in assists with 7. Despite the assist totals, Suaréz is still deemed selfish. Often wasting chances by going for own succes, instead of pasing it. Suaréz' is a quick player which requires close attention. His mobility, speed and technique makes him hard to guard. And if he gets by you, the chances are great something will happen on the scoreboard. If Ajax has a firesale this summer, they might as well include Suaréz. Bidding starts at 20 million.

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12) Patrick van Aanholt (D; Chelsea) 8.5C

After being named PSV's talent of the year in 2006/2007, van Aanholt was quickly signed by Chelsea FC. The robust youngster is a tall defender with a lot of pace. Van Aanholt can play CB, LB or DM and is still eligible to play for the Chelsea youth teams but is actually enjoying an impressing season for the Chelsea reserves currently. 'In his first year at Chelsea having arrived from PSV Eindhoven, the tall, fast and technically accomplished defender immediately established himself in the reserves where he demonstrated an ability to rocket in long-range goals. Can play left-back or centre-back.' He has above average ballhandlings for your usual defender, likes to rush up and cross and owns a devastating, albeit not nearly used as much, shot. At just 18 years of age (turned 18 3 months ago), van Aanholt is also turning heads in England just like he did in Holland. It won't take long before he makes his Chelsea debut. And as we know, anything can happen from there.

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13) Moussa Dembélé (S; AZ) 8.5B - Adriano

Moussa Dembélé is considered by many to be Belgium's top talent and possible savior to get them out of their slump. Moussa is a rare sighting, in that he's so powerful, making eveything that he does look so darn easy. His shot is top notch and one of his biggest weapons and he usually lets it lose by turning away from his opponent like they are flies. Dembélé turned 20 this past summer and has already been capped several times by the Belgium national team, scoring 3 times. He seems to have some brains, too. As he didn't pay attention to bigger teams reported interested (Madrid, Chelsea, HSV, Barcelona and Internazionale) and signed for ambitious AZ two years ago. Dembélé needs to get his temper under control, though. He's already been suspended a few times for kicking his opponent after he was down. But, when on, Dembélé can be a world class striker. Now it's up to him to show consistency in order to take the next step.

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14) Ryan Donk (CB; AZ) 9.0C - Jaap Stam

Deemed by Foppe de Haan, one of the most respected coaches in Dutch football, to be the next Jaap Stam, but better. Donk is a tall, lanky central back who likes to overpower his opponents with his imposing height and strenght. A beast in the air, Donk can also set up attacks from the back end. His current club, AZ, has an eye for talent, that's why no one questioned Ryan. He was one of the most impressive CB's of the Eredivisie last year and was one of Oranje's best players during the EC U21 just a few months ago. Donk has all the attributes to become an elite defender someday. I'm not doubting Foppe de Haan on his judgement. Donk will be the cornerstone for the Dutch on defense in the near future.

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15) Gilliano Wijnaldum (AM; Sparta) 9.0D

Another relative in my list. Whether Gilliano is Georginio's brother or nephew, that hasn't been very clear to me. Regardless, Giliano is a big talent who has dominated much of his youthcareer. I don't know a whole lot on the kid, but going by rumours and 'word on the street', the second Wijnaldum had to placed somewhere high in this list. The clip is from an Eurokids tournament hold two years ago, only footage I could find.

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16) Nacer Barazite (AM; Arsenal) 8.5C - Dmitri Berbatov

Nacer Barazite has recently drawn comparisons to Dmitri Berbatov. And I can agree to that. Both have very impressive skillsets for such tall players, are hard to set off the ball and own powerful shots. The 17 year old Barazite scored for his Arsenal debute this summer with a hard shot, having just came in for countrymen Robin van Persie. It's only a matter of time before he becomes a household name in the A-squad of the Gunners. Barazite can play most midfield positions, but can also be used as a winger or a striker. His main position is AM.

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17) Jeffrey Sarpong (AM; Ajax) 9.0C - Robert Pires

Sarpong is considered Ajax' best young talent for a while now but he (nor Anita) aren't breaking into my top 15 as they have yet to really break through to the A squad. Sarpong turned 19 a few months ago and with the departure of Wesley Sneijder, things were looking positive. Yet the coaches of today's game are hesitant in giving youngsters big roles on the team and Sarpong, who has been with the A-squad all year long, has yet to make his debut this season. Emanuelson, Schilder, Gabri, Maduro, Heitinga, Vethongen, Delorge and Davids all appear to be ahead of him on the depthchart. While other talents such as de Jong, van der Heijden and Donald have all gotten the advantage over Sarpong for some odd reason. Sarpong's potential remains huge, but the C next to the 9 has become a legit questionmark. He needs to get experience fast, but Ajax is refusing to loan him out. Ironicly, Sarpong decided to sign a contract with Ajax, and not Chelsea, as he thought he'd get more minutes in Amsterdam.

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18) Dirk Marcellis (CB; PSV) 8.5C

Dirk Marcellis is brought up slowly, and he is slowly replacing Alex, for as much as any 19 year old can replace 'the Tank'. Marcellis plays short on his man, likes to duke it out physically and is no liability on the ball, the contrary. Marcellis scored a fair share of goals in the youth. He is strong and wins most of his air battles. He has kept a respectable level all year long, despite some huge bumps in the road (got a red card in his debut vs Liverpool, and his 20 year old brother passed away a few weeks ago). Marcellis is future captain material, having already captained several youth teams. The CB was named top defenseman during the EC U17 a few years back where his team lost in the finals. He has also played the most youth caps for Oranje, surpassing Rafael van der Vaart.

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19) Urby Emanuelson (LB; Ajax) 8.5C

Perhaps the most skilled left back in the entire world. Urby has fought with consistency and positional changes all season long. In 3 years of playing at the highest level, including an WC, Urby has barely improved his defensive game. The good part is that he has proven to be capable of being an elite two-way back, as he can be unbeatable defensively, using his pace and tackling. But there are times which makes you wonder what he was doing, giving up easily in the process while looking lost positionally. He needs to get stronger physically. he has shown to be a solid LM this year though. That said, writing a piece on Urby right now might be doing him wrong as he, like most Ajacieden, isn't enjoying a very good season. Urby Emanuelson needs some work here and there, but he has foundation which is already impressive. AS Roma and Tottenham have persued him aggressively the last few weeks, I think a move might come at the right moment for Urby.

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20) Vurnon Anita (CM; Ajax) 9.0D

Anita was once #1 on my list. He's barely 17 years old, yet has more awards in his closet than most stars have today. Named best youth tournament player 3 times in his career and should've won Ajax talent of the year in 2007, which was eventually won by Donavon Slijngard. Anita has always played ahead of his age, often being the youngest of his squad. He is also the youngest player to have ever stepped onto the pitch in an Ajax shirt, after Clarence Seedorf. Anita was also a starter in the Meridian Cup 2007, a prestigious U18 tournament consisting out of the best U18 Europeans, vs the best U18 Africans. So why 20th then? Anita, much like Sarpong, has yet to make his break through for the A-squad. That's not all, as I will explain why I don't think he'll reach his enormous potential (D). Anita stopped growing after his 16th birthday. Being 18 right now, he is listed at 166CM, weighing in at 63KG. That's not all, as Anita recently injured his hip, needed surgery and is out for an estimated period of 3 months. In terms of talent, Anita is great. He's very explosive, and gets a lot of strenght out of his little body. He runs a lot, has great acceleration, vision and provides balance between defense and offense. He can play RM, CM, CB and L/R-B, but prefers to play CM. He needs to focuss himself on one position, or he will become like Nigel de Jong. Anita, like Sarpong, needs to gain experience or it might hurt his development.

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