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31) Gregory van der Wiel (CB; Ajax) 8.0B

Gregory van der Wiel's emergence came as a surprise to anyone. Not because he wasn't supposed to be this good, but because defense was Ajax' most crowded position. Yet the teenager mixed himself between the likes of Heitinga, Vermaelen and Stam and more then hold his own. He's already got 10 games under his belt and is a key player for Oranje U19. I'd like to see Gregory as a mix of two of his teammates. As he has an Emanuelson-esque rush to go forward, paired with a very impressive technique for a CB, yet he's also rugged, firm and concentrated when in defend mode. With van der Wiel, Ajax has a potential diamond on their hands who might fully start for them as early as next season.


32) Haris Medunjanin (AM; AZ) 8.5D

Medunjanin is as talented as anyone on the list. His vision, his shot and his playmaking make him a dangerous #10. I mainly like the softness and touch he has in his left feet. Reminds me of Bergkamp a little bit. Somehow he as a 'problemchild' tag labelled to him. And I don't know where that's coming from. Medunjanin works well, but due to his vision, playmaking ability, shot and because of a lack of pace, Medunjanin isn't fit to be a winger or a striker. He isn't very versatile. Hence he was loaned out to Sparta. Led by Medunjanin, Sparta fought for maintenaince in the Eredivisie, contributing significantly with 7 goals and 3 assists. His great play had him returning to AZ where competition is a lot stiffer. Medunjanin is mainly used as a supersub in Alkmaar, with a goal and an assist (in 7 games) to show for it so far. At 22 though, Medunjanin needs to become more than just a supersub, despite the competition. And due to the fact he can petty much only perform as a #10, it might be hard.


33) Diego Biseswar (AM; Feyenoord) 8.0C

Biseswar is yet another young midfielder of Feyenoord who can become a great one someday. He is a typical '88 product; fast, small, and gifted with technique. Biseswar is, like Wijnaldum, one of Feyenoord's youngest players in history to have made their Eredivisie debut. Versatile kid, can play either wing position as well as striker. Biseswar biggest flaw is his consistency. He can drive you crazy for 70 minutes, only to come up with the game winning goal minutes after. Biseswar is strong for a kid his size (173CM), too as it hasn't been a downside in his career so far.


34) Geert Arend Roorda (AM; Heerenveen) 8.0C

Roorda was always regarded highly, but injuries made him a forgotten prospect for a while. He's now back, and at the age of 19, Roorda has become a valueble member of Heerenveen's A-squad. He's useful in that he is both versatile, as he is skillful, making him a threat as a supersub or from setplays. His dazzling rushes along the sidelines have quickly maked him a crowd favorite in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Roorda's play also led to an invitation for jong Oranje. Roorda is an interesting prospect, and from the bits that I've seen, he can become a star player. Maybe not, or maybe even more, time will tell.


35) John Goossens (LW; Ajax) 8.0D

Goossens made noise at the WCU17 a few years back and was one of the 3 Chelsea targets. He too, declined. Goossens isn't coming of a very good season in Ajax II, altough injuries may have disturbed this proces as well. As a LW, he has a lot of competition in Amsterdam. But the kid has a cross to die for. He doesn't even passes his man, he just curls it by you. He has an absolute rocket, too. He needs to remain healthy for a long period of time and needs to get a shot to proof his worth. Why Ajax refuses to loan him out makes me rub my belly.


36) Jan-Arie van der Heijden (DM; Ajax) 8.0C

A defensive midfielder with the technique of a winger. Jan-Arie is a rare package. He's strong, but doesn't take out his man using physical strenght. He uses his smarts and a wise positional game. Jan-Arie van der Heijden made his debut for Ajax this year and I think he will take over Maduro's role next season (seeing as he'll likely leave). Has an Aissati like passing game. Firm on the ball and always finding the open man without losing it. Expect Jan-Arie ro rise on this list next time.


37) Jordy Brouwer (S; Liverpool) 7.5C

Tall, powerful striker who may lack some tactical sense. Was consecutive U18 Eredivisie top scorer but wasn't judged good enough for Ajax. Liverpool took advantage and he has been with their youth/reserve suad ever since. Like most tall guys, Brouwer needs a little longer to develop. Inconsistent but can usually be useful due to his size (physical battle's, opening room, headers). He's 19 now but I'm not sure Liverpool will give him the confidence to work on his progression without adding pressure. He can be quite a valueble package, but he might look elsewhere as Liverpool has 4 main strikers ahead of him on the depthchart.


38) Erwin Mulder (GK; Feyenoord) 8.0B

Mulder is a tall (193CM) goalkeeper who shows composure on the pitch. Calm on the ball and rarely makes errors. Typical Dutch in that he likes to be involved in the attack. Good with his feet. U19 Oranje international and the only goalkeeper to be included in Feyenoord's populair talentpool (a pool of prospects where people can invest in). Mulder (18) has already appeared in two games for Feyenoord, who are actually quite deep in net to begin with. Could be more vocal and work on his lower sides.


39) Siem de Jong (AM; Ajax) 8.0B

One of Ajax' main goals is to have two youngsters make their breakthrough in the A-squad. This year, Siem de Jong was one of the lucky ones. It didn't entirely come as a shock, as Siem de Jong was named Ajax talent of 2006/2007. He's already surpassed Sarpong on the depthchart but I still believe Sarpong to have that extra gear. Has a lot of technique and passes accurate and quick. Likes to open the game. Can play as a LM, RM, CM but preferably as an AM. Siem de Jong (18) has played in 7 games for Ajax so far. Scoring the game winning goal during his debut, while also scoring in the 'Klassieker' vs Feyenoord (2-2).


40) Slobodan Rajkovic (CB; PSV) 8.5C

I've only seen Rajkovic play only once so 40th might not be doing him justice. Slobodan Rajkovic is actually Chelsea property and has been for nearly two years now. Chelsea paid 5.2 million Euro's for the kid. No team has ever paid that much for a 16 year old. Chelsea, who have an agreement with PSV, agreed to loan him out to PSV for this year. So far, he's appeared in 5 games for PSV. Which is a little dissapointing, as people thought he'd be a starter, but hasn';t convinced the staff enough. He's been playing CB or DM. Raijkovic is a very tall (195CM) and powerful defender and is unbeatable in the air.

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