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41) Nordin Amrabat (AM; VVV) 8.0C

Playing for newly promoted VVV, Amrabat is often the only brightspot for the fans. The young forward often entertains the crowd by going on rushes, working his way through 4 or 5 players before attempting a shot. He's not the biggest guy (my guess would be 178CM. EDIT: Spot on!), but his upperbody is build a lot like Edgar Davids'. Pure muscle, low fat percentage. So in the end, you have a fast, dribbling player with a heck of a shot and who's hard to knock off the ball. With his impressive play, including 6 goals and 3 assists in 16 games to show for it, Amrabat (AM/RW) will likely play for a much better side as early as the upcoming winterbreak. I personally think that Ajax will make a pitch, if they aren't outbid that is. Amrabat has star potential, but he's also deemed as a troublemaker. Even off the pitch. Example: Early this season, Amrabat exchanged some words with Lurling (NAC). Amrabat was apparently offended and actually waited with a few Moroccan friends for Lurling after the game. Treaths were made but luckily no one got injured. Amrabat got fined while his friends were forever banned from the stadium.


42) Ilias Haddad (AM; AZ) 8.0C

Ilias Haddad was touted as Excelsior's biggest prospect and was likely to become the 3rd Excelsior player in history (van Persie, El Hamdaoui) to make it to the English Premierleague. Tottenham, Porthsmouth and also Celtic were scouting him for a while until Ilias decided to stay in Holland, chosing for AZ. A technical genius, Haddad was named best U18 talent of the youth competition last season. He's also a key member of Oranje U19, yet, like many others who went before him, Haddad, who plays forward, will likely chose to represent the colors of Marocco.


43) Christian Supusepa (LB; Ajax) 8.0C

Supusepa is barely 18, yet has played for Ajax for nearly 10 years now, making the team after impressing the staff during the open talent competition. Prefers to play LB but has often been called to fill the CB position due to his decent size and physical strenght. Also a real leader, having captained several youth teams for both club as country. Supusepa is expected to make the team within the next two years. But it wouldn't surprise me if he challenged van der Wiel as early as next season.


44) Vincent van den Bergh (S; Arsenal) 7.0C

I'm not the biggest fan of Vincent. Not sure why but I always have a feeling that he can be so much more, yet for some reason, he can't grasp it. He has pace, a nice dribble and ball control, even a nice shot, but he's rarely putting it together. To boot, he's inconsistent as ****. Signing for Arsenal came as a shock to me personally, as his U17 team featured so many players more talented than him. Not sure how he's been doing in London, though. Maybe he's been doing great and am I doing him wrong, as I mainly base my opinion on his youth games for Heerenveen and Oranje.


45) Dominique Kivuvu (DM; NEC) 7.5B

Kivuvu's physical simularities with Patrick Viera are insane. Kivivu is tall, strong and impossible to knock off the ball. His potential isn't as high of that of Viera or of any other high end DM, as he hasn't shown me enough skill or smarts, yet. But Dominique will be a valueble presence wherever he ends up playing. His physical stature, his willingness to do the dirty work and his shot (which, due to playing DM or occasionally CB, he can barely use) makes him a target for top sides of the Eredivisie. He also plays for jong Oranje and will likely represent the nation during the Olympics. Some people think he'll be the long awaited succesor of Edgar Davids. A physical DM who intimidates the opposition. I'm not sure he can reach that level, but he turned 20 just 3 months ago, playing in just his 2nd professional season. Maybe I need to give him more time.


46) Sebastian Pocognoli (LB; AZ) 7.5B

Pocognoli was courted by the Eredivisie top for much of last summer. but when de Cler left for Feyenoord, AZ made him their top priority. He joined them for about 4 million Euro's and has been a starter ever since. I expected him to be a defensive liability, but that turned out to be the exact opposite. Pocognoli plays solid, positionally defense and provides offense with timely rushes. His cross is second to none and has often played LM so he can do it more often. Actually scored two nice goals so far this year. Expect Pocognoli's grade to alter as the year(s) go by as I don't think he's shown us his full arsenal, yet.


47) Daylon Claasen (AM; Ajax) 8.0C

Ajax Cape Town product was wanted by Real Madrid, Espanyol and PSV. But with Ajax holding the first rights, a contract was quickly signed. The 17 year old is just the 4th player to have joined Ajax from Ajax Cape Town (McCarthy, Pienaar and Lewis went before him). Claasen was the best player of Ajax Cape Town's youth and has played plenty of youth games for South Africa. A competitive midfielder with a knack for offense, Claasen draws comparison to fellow countrymen Steven Pienaar.


48) Evander Sno (DM; Celtic) 7.5C

The jury is still out there regarding Evander Sno. Hard to get a hold of. He isn't even sure what position to play. Having played CB, DM and even striker for jong Oranje. Tends to make a lot of mistakes, especially defensively, whether that's due to his constant willingness to proof himself or because of his enthusiasm, I'm not sure. He also lacks offensive skills. I think he needs to settle down and focuss himself on one position. With a little bit of luck, he could become a striker in the mold of Jimmy Hasselbaink if he decides striker to be the way to go. I also think he'd make a quality, one sided DM. His physical tools are too impressive not to. Regardless, at 20 years of age, Sno need to make up his mind.


49) Edgar Manucharyan (AM; Ajax) 8.0D

Manucharyan is one of the most skilful prospects in the world, yet at the same time, also one of the most injury prone prospects in the world. I've already reduced his grade by from a 8.5 to an 8.0 as injuries are killing him as the years go by. Currently in his 3rd season for Ajax but hasn't played more than 9 games in total for the club. Impressive whenever on the pitch, the 'Hope of Armenia' enlights the stadium with his skills, dribbles, quality shot and cross. He can play either wing position or operate from AM. Edgar is still only 20 years old, but has to show signs of consistency before he'll ever make an impact for Ajax.


50) Gianni Zuiverloon (RB; Heerenveen) 7.5B

Zuiverloon is another example of Feyenoord's inability to deal with talents. Zuiverloon left for Heerenveen about two years ago and has really grown as a player. A defensive workhorse, Zuiverloon can really make his man invisable. The most notable example might've been during the EC21 this summer, when he made Nani completely crazy. Zuiverloon also has decent skills with the ball, joining attacks as often as he can before making his way back with his great pace. Zuiverloon is an interesting player as he's shown to be capable of every aspect you'd expect out of a sideback. Also has a strange knack for clutch goals. His grade might go up if he leaves for a bigger side and continue his fine trend of development. Oranje is definitely a realistic feat for this kid.


Missing the boat:

--) Tim Janssen (S; NEC) 7.5B

Tim Janssen has been compared to Klaas-Jan Huntelaar for a while now. The two even walked simular paths (PSV youth -> Jupiler league -> Eredivisie) while both have scored plenty for several Oranje youth teams. Janssen is a real goalgetter. He only needs one chance and he'll likely take it. Be it with his feet or his head. He was already a double digit goalscorer during his first season in the Eredivisie playing for a club which eventually relegated. It has gotten him several interest from national as well as international sides, with Feyenoord, NEC and Benfica as the most agressive persuaders. Logically, he chosed NEC as he'd be one of their main guys up front. yet so far into the season, Janssen hasn't been giving the oppertunity to shine yet.


--) Kemy Agustien (AM; AZ) 7.5C

Talented, offensive midfielder with a nice technique. Has very nice pace, but could use it more often. This goes for his shot as well. Not much of a helper in the defensive end and could work a little harder. Turned 21 4 months ago but has lready played in 100 Eredivisie games so far. Currently playing for a very deep AZ squad, yet has gotten the edge above Medunjanin for most of the season. Started out with two goals an an assist in his first 3 games until an injury made an end to his surge. He's rarely been a starter since but has still appeared in 14 games and is looking to become a nice player for the future.

The '87 Ajax trio of Martina, Yilderim and Slijngard were close, of which the latters two have even been 'Ajax talent of the year', just came up short.

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