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04-07-2004, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur
lol, did u even watch that NJ Devils game? "lit up"??? Huet made some stellar saves in that game and let in i think ONE questionable goal. The rest were legit as he were left hanging out to dry. Not to mention, I think there was a portion of the season where Huet was in where the defense would let liek 2-3 breakaways a game. The defense was horrendous and an absolute joke, which was during our second longest losing streak of the year in Decemberish.

you know, honestly, i'm tired of arguing and had this been any other day, I would have argued ug uys this to the bone, but i'm not. if you guys chose to play the blind man just becuase he got top 3 stats in philly, by all means, do it. IMO, huet has a small chance of ever being a full time starter in this league, but he has outplayed cechmanek BY FAR. if it weren't for him, we woulda dropped many many games. This too was acknowledged by AM and many other players on the team.

lol, just thinking about it... i can't even believe you don't acknowledge that his philly stats were attributed to PHILLY DEFENSE. how else do you explain the drop and the inflation of Hackett's numbers??? do you think he was even near those numbers even in the beginning of the year before those injuries??? HELL NO, he still sucked. anyways, i'm not in the mood to argue. Just thinking about cechmanek makes me want to diarrhea. if you guys want to live in the past, go ahead. i choose to look at how he does with our team.
He played in 45 games, thats why I'm living in the past.

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