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04-07-2004, 01:33 AM
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I think Begin is slated to follow Joe, though in all honestly, I'm not sure that's the best idea. Juneau, while old, has done a bang-up job against Thornton whenever he's had the opportunity and his method of coverage has one thing that Begin will never have: the ability not to wake the giant. Juneau would positionally keep Thornton out of it while Begin is going to challenge him by hitting him and pestering him constantly.

And isn't that when all the superstars come out to play?

You say we're missing the leadership and clutch performances of Douggie, which is true to a degree, however in the intervening years and particularly this year as the year has moved along, I feel Koivu has learned tons when it comes to leadership. As for Koivu being clutch, that's still up for the jury to decide - he was developing it in the playoffs two years ago, and this season he's performed better when the chips were down, so I look forward to seeing some improvement in that category.

Now, can he get to a Douggie level? Excellent question. I personally believe the answer is yes; after the brush up with Ribeiro (after which the Habs went on their tear and essentially made the playoffs) the Habs were an infinitely better team, and it's the same type of thing Douggie would have done had the chips been down: getting POed at his teammates to get them going.

But, that's just one person's opinion.


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