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12-27-2007, 02:27 AM
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Athletes are better now than they were many years ago. It's not that the person has changed, but the preparation for playing at the highest level has changed drastically. We know more about nutrition and physiology today than decades ago. The game has been reinvented a few times. Remember when the trap was first conceived and teams bashed their heads against the wall trying to solve it? Athletes today aren't better made, but they are better trained.

That being said, I think Lidstrom and Orr play at about the same level. So considering this, it isn't a surprise Orr dominated when he played. He was years ahead of his time.

However, I must add in something. Hockey isn't constantly evolving either. It merely transitions in a discreet manner whenever rule-changes and other events happen. This like the broadening of the player base to include international talent, technological innovations that produce better gear, lock-outs and rule changes all server to divide hockey into eras IMO.

So, in toto, I would say that Lidstrom is tied for 2nd with Bourque behind Orr all time. This is considering the player's ability as well, not just the player's contrast to his peers.

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