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12-27-2007, 12:21 PM
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Played against some AHLer a few summers ago at an open hockey session... Don't remember his name, but he was a defenseman for the Hartford Wolf Pack at the time. I was the 3rd goalie there, so the other 2 started. Talking to some guys on the bench, and they mentioned that this guy was a pro, so I watched him and he was basically skating by everyone doing whatever he wanted. Eventually we rotated goalies and I went in. One of the first shots was this pro coming in on a breakaway. Considering I hadn't played at any level close to that (I only played high school hockey) I was a little intimidated. I watched him come in, waited him out, he deked and took a shot. A second later I look in disbelief at the puck sitting in my glove. Great way to get into the game.

I tried to find past rosters, but couldn't find the guy... But in my searching I found out that I've played against another AHLer (also at open hockey), Marvin Degon, defenseman from UMass who played for Hartford and is now in Hamilton. No NHLers, but oh well.

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