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04-07-2004, 12:06 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr.
Recent!?!?! That's like saying the Rangers were "recently" in the playoffs, because the last coaching record I can find for the guy is the 96-97 season. Ron Low's had teams in the playoffs more recently than that. Young ones.

I'll never understand the fascination everyone has with this guy. A VERY SHORT NHL with an ending clouded in mystery and an apparent place on every GM's "doody" list. 1 playoff appearance, 1 round win, all of it 7 years ago, and people gush over this guy like he's Scotty Bowman's freakin' clone. Considering the competiton for this job, Nolan doesn't have a prayer and damn sure doesn't deserve one.
That's recent enough for me, given the age of the coach...BTW, for your information, I'm not fascinated with the guy or gushing over him...Just think that, given his success with a young team that we may be very similar to next year, he should be given consideration.......Nothing lost by doing so...

And you are right about Blowzo the Clown, he did have some success with a young team and a solid goalie, but he did that mainly with speed/offense while Nolan's team was more grit, system and scrapping---which I think we will have to depend on and is more applicable to today's game...

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