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04-07-2004, 12:20 PM
Jeff from Maine
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I Agree About The Money

He isnt, nor is ANY player, worth 9 million per year. But I dont begrudge him for taking what was offered to him.

My point in bringing up the numbers is that their are a number of players who fatten up their numbers against the lesser lights and losers of the NHL.

Glen Murray is one of the few B`s (at just a quick glance) who scored more against the top 6 teams than against the others.

And we know his history of choking in the "clutch".

I wont go just by numbers....I`ll also consider comments by guys who play with guys. And Thornton, Murray, Guerin and Bergeron are all guys who teammates love playing with.

All of those things together (numbers, reputation among teammates) are enough to make me believe that they are all very good players and teammates.


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