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12-28-2007, 09:54 AM
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You know, I've never really had a problem with Jackets fans. The group that used to populate the CBJ board were a good bunch, and we had a fun back-and-forth rivalry with them.

What now hangs out over there makes me genuinely wish nothing but continued failure for the Jackets, and sickens me with their whining.

Now, obviously there are exceptions...Oz is one of the best posters on all of HFboards, and we go back with him...but one look at their GDT is pretty sad. Apparently last night's game is totally the fault of the refs, Tootoo(who now has more goals than Fedorov) is not only worthless, but got taught a lesson by Foote(it certainly didn't look that way at the game, where Tootoo not only got the best punch of the fight, a wicked right haymaker, but also the takedown), and the Jackets are the victims of some sort of conspiracy on the part of the NHL.

I understand the frustration...we get frustrated too, but it seems like the class of poster over there has taken a downswing to "newbie\young\overemotional." It's not to say we don't have those, too...but it's the reason why no one advertises this board over on's boards. There's definitely more activity there, but you have to hear that type of thing, and it's disappointing.

Anyway, rant over. That was mostly a boring game, and we looked like we were content to play for OT throughout most of the third. In a way, Novotny's goal was what we needed, because prior to that, we had gone completely passive and given up on forechecking\taking any sort of offensive initiative. The tying and GWG came through play we also saw in the first..dominant puck possession and aggression. The atmosphere in the SC was pretty great, walking out. A lot of chants\singing walking out...and while 14.5 isn't's a lot better than the 11.5 we were used to seeing on a Thursday night vs the jackets.


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