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12-28-2007, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by windflare View Post
"What the HELL" is the first reaction I got from that. Better talk to him as a team, and if he doesn't listen, principal time. If not, talk to the local newspapers as a team. See what happens from that.

Because your coach is a bloody idiot. Different players have different needs - I used to play for long stretches of different sports without drinking anything, but that's me back then. It's important to keep your body hydrated, especially in a sport like hockey where you sweat like a monkey.
Yeah, that's a key point, I feel sorry for the players who do actually need it. I'm the complete opposite, I absolutely crave water when playing sports. The colder weather of hockey makes a huge difference, but I still bring two bottles (one gatorade) to an hour and a half game of shinny, and take a few mouthfulls after every shift. Practice would be no different. I've got a sort of unusual metabolism though, in that I burn out quickly, but with a good bit of water, recover incredibly fast. After about an hour I'll settle into a routine and can go all day. "Water's for the weak", man I feel like kicking the guy.

For the original posters situation though, sounsd a bit more complicated. Seems like he's up against a prestigous coach who's been doing this a long time and gotten results, not some guy who just came around and decided to act macho. Most of the kids will probably be intimidated by the idea of standing up to him. I think the best advice given is to tip someone off, hopefully a parent, in the medical field. Just as long as you can do it anonymously you should be fine.

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