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12-28-2007, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
You know, I've never really had a problem with Jackets fans. The group that used to populate the CBJ board were a good bunch, and we had a fun back-and-forth rivalry with them.

What now hangs out over there makes me genuinely wish nothing but continued failure for the Jackets, and sickens me with their whining.

Now, obviously there are exceptions...
We have a new crowd on the CBJ board, but not all of them are whiners. I would agree generally speaking with what you say, and alot of the old timers have simply stopped posting because of the bi polar members(you know the type that hype the team when they win, and call for mass trades when they lose).

Read the Prucha thread for fun if you're bored. We have guys that would just as soon ship off Vyborny for whatever we can get in return than resign him. Fact is he just hasn't physically been the same since the Erat hit in preseason, hopefully he's near 100% at last.

Jeff Rimer(the play by play guy on FSN) is a huge homer. He's a good guy, but he lets his affection for the team seriously affect his job. The fact is alot of no calls took place in that game, and early on it was the CBJ that got away with it. As the game went on I thought you guys got away with a few too, so thats what alot of people remember about the game. Overall poor officiating, but not one sided imo. Danny Gare(the color man) is much more objective and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he tries to share between Rimer's rants.

Good game and hang in there, both of these teams are still playoff worthy.

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