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12-28-2007, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by kingpest19 View Post
Heres an idea. How about making your statement clear. Saying hes not sure if his center sees him doesnt make it clear that he knows whether his center sees him or not or not for the pass. Simply saying hes not sure his center sees him can be interpeted a variety of different ways.
The statement we were talking about:

Originally Posted by LURinkRat View Post
If I'm an off-winger moving into the slot where one defenseman has the C tied up, I want to know if and when the guy who has the puck sees me so that I can time when I hit the slot for him.
What I said:

Originally Posted by BigE7 View Post
....he wants to know if his center sees him. Which obviously means he's talking about another player on his team wearing the mirrored shield.
Seems pretty crystal clear. How anyone could interpret that as me thinking people who wear mirrored visors can't see out of their own visors is beyond me.

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