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04-07-2004, 05:38 PM
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You haven't proved anything. All you do is scream about stats and then never show them. Show me ONE STAT THAT SHOWS ALL-AROUND GAME.

Now you claim to show that Cammy plays a better defensive game then Pirnes? Pirnes is our number 2 Pker. When exactly was Cammy on the PK when was Cammy in defensive situations? When did Cammy show he could play defense? And WHAT STAT SHOWS THAT? You didn't ever show that Pirnes was not as good as Cammy defensivly. You are just lying about that. That is just a complete lie. You have no stat that shows that Pirnes is a worse defensive player then Cammy.

Hell I would love to run a poll just to see how many people think that Cammy is a better defensive player then Either Pirnes or EB.

All you do scream about how "anti-cammy" i am or that "you have stats that prove your point." Funny how you don't ever mention what stat shows all-around game. All you do is point to offense as if that proves anything.

Hell, by your own methodology PAVEL ROSA should be in the NHL. He got two points in two games this year. He is out-playing Cammy in the AHL. I bet you would love to have him on the Kings. O yea... Guess what.... Rosa isn't a NHL player BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE THE ALL AROUND GAME.

The EB thing has got to be the funnest thing I have ever read. So EB gets a few games at the beginning of the season as our 2nd line center and all of a sudden him playing on the stopper unit for the rest of the season no longer counts? How about THE FACT that he got beat out by Armstrong? O yea but you have to be right becauase EB got what 3-4 games on the 2nd line? 4 games sure does support your argument, when you ignore the other 78.

That is a great example of why you are so pathetic. You claim you have the stats to prove you argument but all you have is hot air and opinions.

Which is exactly that I pointed out. Sure pissed you off for someone to point out that your "stats" don't prove a damn thing.

Now you are claiming that AM agrees with you? You are claiming that AM sent down Cammy and yet at the same time thinks he would help the team? Think you should rethink that little statement.

So "mate" how about you try to use your "stats" to prove your argument..... O yea you can't all you do is scream and shout.

The Professor is out.

P.S. Don't even think about using Plus/Minus to support your arugment (Not that you have the data on this either). You know as well as I do that Cammy would rarly if ever have been on the ice against the other teams best offensive players so the situations in which he would have gotten a minus were kept to a minimum.

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