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12-29-2007, 10:35 AM
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I steal the puck on a d to d pass on the penalty kill, and I absolutely fly through the neutral zone. Im in one on one, and at right above the hash marks I shoot a PERFECTLY aimed shot, nice and hard, high glove. I had assumed it was going in, because I never miss that shot, and this was a particularly well-aimed and hard shot. The goalie must have guessed where I was going, because there was 0 reaction time. I seriously was sick to my stomach, I was crutched over as I skated back to the bench, amidst cheers of "robbed!" from the other team's bench. That one still hurts.

Another time, it was a 3-3 tie with 5 minutes left, and we're in the defensive zone. Someone (mightve been me, actually) flipped the puck out of our zone, and I use my speed to get past both defensman. Unfortunately, the goalie came out past the top of the circles and slid into the puck just as I got there. I did a Gaborik flip in the air and went from above the circles all the way down to the goalline near the corner. Didnt help that I was having some serious back problems at the time.

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