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04-07-2004, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Tadite
Funny that you never come up with a reason to why he was sent down.

Hell in you last post you said that AM agrees with you. What did Cammy just take the wrong airline one day and end up in New England?

Funny that YOU never came up with ANYTHING to contradict what Andy AND I have said about Cammelleri from the start.

Unlike you, I don't simply let my opinion be my only means of evidence to support my position.

I have posted a couple of quotes already in this thread that show what Andy had to say about Cammelleri.

Also, IT ISN'T MY JOB TO DETERMINE WHY that sort of thing happens mate.

Nice try and ONCE AGAIN trying to spin this away from your original statement though. Also kudos on simply chosing to ignore ALL of the evidence that is confronting you. Go crawl under your nappie and it will all go away.

As to MY OPINION on why he were sent down I can tell you that based on what Andy said regarding Mike having to "work on his attitude" as the possible reason he were sent down but, again, THAT ISN'T WHAT THIS WERE ABOUT.

For your further edification, this is about you saying that I were "making **** up" to show how I like Cammelleri and how you feel he "had a few good games and then struggled and got sent down".

I have proven beyond any doubt that I made nothing up and that he NEVER struggled enough to have that be the reason he were sent down.

I have shown mountains of actual true and perfectly set facts on why this is so inlcuding as I have said that Andy Murray also felt that it had NOTHING to do with his performance.

Now go ahead and spin this into your veiw (twisted) that I am saying that Cammelleri is our "saviour" or whatever other nonsense you want to try and do.

I am not going to go any further "debating" this with you mr professor as you have shown no ability to A) stick to the bloody actual purpose of this debate and B) do anything other than try and change the subject when you are cornered.

You simply aren't worth the effort on this one. Maybe the "I think the Kings should draft" thread would be better suited to your particular brand of "debate" since it is only an opinion thread and those nasty stats in the end won't be able to destroy your position as they have here.

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