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12-29-2007, 11:26 PM
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I've been playing a while now and every year there's a goalie who is always in the same age group and level as me and every year, at least once usually more, he pulls a stunt where he either sits/gloves a puck that barely crosses the line and pulls it out or he knocks the net off if he knows he's beaten with his leg or elbow. The worst such incident occurred in the league finals on me.

3 on 2, I'm open on the right side of the net, the winger dekes his d-man and shoots low. The goalie drops into his butterfly and the puck goes off the inside of his right pad. The puck bounces over to me while the goalie does his thing nudging the net off (I have video, it's clear). I tap the puck in easily and am psyched due to it being the finals and that being the first goal to make it 1-1 (bad reffing and a dumb goalie are to blame for the goal against but that's another story). My whole team erupts and we are cheering. The goal is disallowed due to the net being off, we are all pissed but we know we can win.

Oh and later on, I make a sick break out pass to my winger who is a great 1 on 1 goal scorer for a breakaway. Again, the goalie knows he's boned so he he preps for battle. The winger makes his move and slides in five hole right off the back of the net and almost back out. Of course the goalie sits on the puck, shoves forward 2 inches (the refs were well behind the play) and oh look, it didn't cross the line. No goal. It's now 2-0 for them so we are REALLY mad now.

Suffice to say, we won 3-2 thanks to a hat trick (and their guys trying to fight us with 3 mins left in a tie game) from the best player in the league so we were happy. Go Karma!

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