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04-07-2004, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
I understand how you want sure things and solid guys, but at some point we are going to need a legit top line player who can possibly be a top 15 player in this league. We are going to need a Datsyuk, Kovalchuk, Heatley, Thornton, Lecavalier, Hedjuk, Naslund, Elias, ect. It's great to have those hard working guys who can chip in 20 goals per year but that isnt going to bring a cup to Broadway, plus its going to be boring. Why wouldn't we use our best shot in a long time to land a "superstar" when we can get those solid but unspectacular guys in the 2nd and 3rd rounds? We have Ortmeyer's, Murray's, ect. We need to hit a homerun. As for our past picks.....Brendl brought us Lindros so I'm not going to complain about that at all (you can argue about the trade but Eric has performed at a high level for 2 years). Jessiman was a good pick IMO. I think he will be nasty, but you still cant knock that pick because he is still too young to judge.

As for Ladd, I find it suspiscious that he just started to shoot up this season. I mean if you knock Schremp's consistency then you must also question Ladd's consistency from last season to this current season.

Well I dont really find anything suspicious about a kid who comes out of nowhere per say, but I can see where it would turn some people off. For me though those worries were gone when he carried this team during the regular season. I mean people forget that the Hitmen lost Segal and Gretzlaf {for a time} and Ladd really took the team on his shoulders. I'd be concerned if he disappeared during those times, but he didn't. In the playoffs he also lead them in scoring as well. But I look at it like this, yes you need to watch out for shooting stars {guys who come from nowhere and disappear just as fast} but you also have to watch out for guys who are running off hype from the season before their draft year as well.

But we're talking about 20-25 goals like it's 7 years ago. When you're in a league where 30 goals is considered a sniper, getting 20-25 isn't too bad. But that is another issue for me as well. Skills are one thing, but that doesn't necessarily translate into NHL scoring. Ryan Smyth scored 88 points his draft year, less than Jason Weimer and several others. Sometimes a kids game just translates better. People are getting into a mindset where they think Ladd had a Malhotra like season in which he scored 16 goals and there are concerns about socring. The guy did score 30 goals and he did going against teams top guys and he did ir without a playmaking center. Getzlaf is a good young player, but a playmaker he isn't. I'm still not even sold on Getzlaf has an NHL center ** i see him more as a RW}. The hitmen's other centers are really playmakers either per say.

for all the talk about Schremp's upside and skill and other areas, he score all of 5 more goals and 5 more points than Ladd.

Again I wouldn't be upset to get Schremp but he's going through this predraft wave of hype this year all of a sudden and it does have me a bit concerned.

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