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04-07-2004, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
You have to understand the mentality of the fans going up against the Wings. We know the Wings will get the better end of the calls. It's not something that should come as a shock to any fan. Too many veterans of too many playoff games not to know how to play the refs. When you expect something of that nature and then you see it, it becomes something to harp on. Almost a 'see I told you so'.
I understand. But I think it was more or less a blown call. I dont think Manny "dove". The puck is right around the net at the time. If he takes a chance and tries to draw the call, and the refs dont buy it then the puck is in the net. I feel he was interfered with. Not necessarily by Walker, but by the action in front of the net. The refs probably blew the call. But I dont believe Manny "dove". In his 5 years here he has NOT been the kind of goalie to do that. Vernon did, Osgood did, Hasek DEFINITLY did. But not Manny.

But to have most of these threads talking about this one play seems silly to me. It was a great 60 minute game by both teams. I really think Nashville was going to put it away early, but the Wings hung on and eventually rallied.

I just dont feel there should be this much talk of this one play, that eventually ended up being completely meaningless anyway.

Great game! This series and this rivalry should keep getting better.

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