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Nassau Coliseum Visitor FAQ

I think all of these questions have come up enough that it's time for a sticky answers thread. Any questions about watching the Isles play live, whether it's advice on buying tickets, picking seats, getting to the arena, etc will now go here. I'll try to update this post to keep a handy FAQ guide running with questions that come up and answers that the posters provide. The answers in this post will try to sum up the more useful answers, while more detailed information will be contained within the thread itself. Posting and answering questions is of course open to everyone and anyone.

How do I get to Nassau?
from Lappy13: Take LIRR from (PENN STATION in NYC) to Mineola Train Station.
Shell out some bucks for a cab from there. Avoid Uniondale.

from Killer Carlson: If you are coming to NY without your own car, you are best off to go to NYC. From there, go to Penn Station and take the Long Island Rail Road to one of a few stations. Either Mineola, Hempstead or Westbury. From there, grab a cab and take it to the Coliseum. It won't be expensive (probably around $10 at most, I would think but others here could give you a better estimate).

Which tickets should I get?
from Lappy13: Really not a bad seat in the place. I tend to like end where the isles shoot 2x (attack zone). 200 and 300's are fine. . Last couple rows of coliseum are obstructed view, (not see scoreboard) . Have tv's for you to watch reply's etc. Remember will have to look through netting. The end zones are usually cheaper than the center ice. Since you are a student, you can get Loudville zone tickets. You have to get to stadium at least 1 hour or more before game. see link
I think since you are coming from out of town , I think you want to have the tixs in hand in advance. If you want to try, I do not think there a shortage since this is a isles/sharks. It is a rare friday game so you never know.

from Killer Carlson: For tickets, I know you probably want to plan it all out but honestly, the game likely won't sell out and there will probably be some sort of special on tickets. In fact, hit the Isles website and they might have a deal for that game already set up. There really aren't any horrible seats in the Coliseum but you obviously want to stay away from the very top of the building, as in any arena. Best seats are probably middle of the lower bowl but you likely won't be able to get those in your price range. If you can get towards the top of the lower bowl, those are great seats but might still be out of your range. Your best bet might be to get seats in the first few rows of the upper bowl. Great seats for watching and they will be a bit cheaper.

Where should I eat dinner?

from Killer Carlson: Plan on eating elsewhere if you can. The food selection sucks and what they have, isn't very good. There is also a bar in the basement of the Coliseum called Doolins and a bunch of our posters can normally be found there. Decent place with a hot hostess.

Anything else to do in the area?
from Killer Carlson: As far as what to see around there...there isn't a thing. If you get there early and have time to kill, there is a Marriott hotel adjacent to the Coliseum and there is a Champions sports bar/restaurant in the lobby. Before the game, there will certainly be hockey fans eating and drinking there. BTW, it is very walkable from the Coliseum.

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