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Originally Posted by Requin View Post
Hello all,
Sorry to start another one of these types of threads, I'm sure you guys get even more than we do over at the Sharks board. But I am in desperate need here.

Here's the sitch: I go to school in Boston. My brother (an Isles fan) is coming to town in Feb, and we think it would be sweet to go see Sharks vs. Isles on the 18th. (Yes, I am aware that is a long time away, but I'm trying to get this sorted out ASAP since it's confusing.) So.

Question #1: How do I get to Nassau?
"Public transport" is a foreign thing to me - I've only just started mastering the Boston subway system. New York confuses the heck out of me. Since we're coming from Boston, I'm going to have to take a bus to NYC. What do I do from there?
(a) Long Island train - if so, which stop?
(b) Bus... of some sort? Help?
(c) Does anyone know of a way to go straight there without the NYC stop?
Cost is the primary concern here, although I'd fork over a few bucks for simplicity as well. (Also, if anyone has advice on the Boston-NYC stage of the trip, by all means give it. )

Question #2: Which tickets should I get?
I'm looking at below $80 max.... preferably cheaper. What are good deal seats? Is it worth spending extra to be in the lower bowl? Areas an away fan might want to avoid?

Question #3: Any other words of wisdom?
Any other info about the Uniondale area (sketchy spots, things to see, etc.), the game, or whatever, I'd love to hear it. Trash talking is welcome as well.

Take LIRR from (PENN STATION in NYC) to Mineola Train Station.
Shell out some bucks for a cab from there. Avoid Uniondale.

Question #2:
Really not a bad seat in the place. I tend to like end where the isles shoot 2x (attack zone). 200 and 300's are fine. . Last couple rows of coliseum are obstructed view, (not see scoreboard) . Have tv's for you to watch reply's etc. Remember will have to look through netting. The end zones are usually cheaper than the center ice. Since you are a student, you can get Loudville zone tickets. You have to get to stadium at least 1 hour or more before game. see link
I think since you are coming from out of town , I think you want to have the tixs in hand in advance. If you want to try, I do not think there a shortage since this is a isles/sharks. It is a rare friday game so you never know.

Questions #3
I will be having Mako shark for dinner the night of the game.

Hope you and bro have a good time.


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