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12-30-2007, 11:14 PM
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Wow... thanks for the great (and fast) responses. You've given me like 90% of what I needed in the span of a few hours.

Originally Posted by LAPPY13 View Post
Since you are a student, you can get Loudville zone tickets. You have to get to stadium at least 1 hour or more before game. see link
I think since you are coming from out of town , I think you want to have the tixs in hand in advance. If you want to try, I do not think there a shortage since this is a isles/sharks. It is a rare friday game so you never know.
Hmmm... this is a possibility, we'll probably try to get there pretty early anyway. It's actually a Monday game, so I'm guessing it's safe to assume tickets would be available? 2 problems with this: 1. my bro is not a student, unless high school counts, 2. I'm not sure "Loudville" is the best seating for a hated away fan (on the other hand, could be fun to tick off people my own age )

Originally Posted by Killer Carlson View Post
Decent place with a hot hostess.
Not too helpful to me, but I'll let my brother know.
(The rest of your post way muy helpful btw, I just didn't feel like quoting the whole thing.)

WRT transportation, here are my Boston-NYC option:
1. Fong Wah bus (or similar Chinatown thing) - was my original plan. I'm a bit worried because the earliest one is 6:45... if there are any delays (weather...), we might be cutting it a little close.
2. Amtrak train - this gets REALLY expensive, but my mom wants me to do it and is willing to pay (blah blah bus stations are dangerous blah). It does make the trip a lot easier, since I don't have to find my way around NYC.
3. This:
Originally Posted by devon13 View Post
If you can take a commuter rail from Boston to CT, then a commuter rail from CT to Penn Station, LIRR to Mineola, cab to Nassau Coliseum.
.... but I'm pretty sure the Boston commuter rail doesn't run to CT, so I doubt that would work.

From NYC to Uniondale, that's all sorted out thanks to you folks and the LIRR website.
I'd actually suggest taking a bus or train to Bridgeport, then taking the ferry to Port Jeff, and LIRR-ing to Mineola. Kinda confusing though

**** it, give me directions on what time you want to leave, and i'll do it for you.
Is there a reason this would be better than going from Penn Station to Mineola? Getting to Bridgeport is equally troublesome as getting to NYC it seems...

Anyways, thanks a million for your help! Keep it comin', if you think of anything. Oh, and....

Originally Posted by Killer Carlson
Questions #3
I will be having Mako shark for dinner the night of the game.
Will this shark be caught by this guy, perhaps?

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