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12-31-2007, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Killer Carlson View Post
Nah, the Westbury station isn't really New Cassel, it is 'downtown' Westbury. Totally safe there to just walk outside and grab a cab. Hell, you could walk around over there a bit if you even wanted to. (I'm talking about the one on Post Avenue.)

Still, Mineola might be better but the Westbury station is also super-close to the Coliseum, IMO.
If it isnt actually "New Cassel" its a stones throw away.

Originally Posted by TheMetalChick View Post
Great advice everyone is giving, but the only thing I want to add is that Westbury is not "horrible" in the way its being painted out here. (Thanks for saying so Killer!) Its not like a person would get attacked by crackheads by hailing a cab in Westbury lol. All this "bad area" stuff is quite relative. Mineola is just the nicest area of the close train stations but Westbury isnt that much different. (Hempstead? Well- Hempstead is a bit more rough around the edges... its still not "horrible" though.)

If you say so. I work in the county but if you think its fine then feel free to try and persuade me otherwise.

And as far as Hempstead it is by FAR the worst area in Nassau County. And by far I mean not even close.

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