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04-08-2004, 02:13 AM
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The Habs kinda played like the Bruins did in game 1 back in 2002: tentative on defense, sporadic on offense. Boston got 2 PP goals I believe, but after each goal let MTL take the play to them. This was the opposite except without any goals for the losing team. Well, if trends hold true, we should take game 2. To go back home down 2-0 is bad enough, but when it's against Boston who had a sucky home record (that equalled up with our road record very well) and a fanatastic road record (which eclipses even our superior-to-theirs home record), that makes it suicide. Montreal has had difficulties winning at home in the playoffs since '93 unless against the Bruins (5-3 or something since '93 I believe).

Boston has had their troubles winning at home since leaving the Garden while, since moving out of the Forum, the Habs have gone something like 4-11 (3 OT wins, 3 OT losses I think). Hopefully, we'll surprise Boston's defense and Raycroft who both looked good today but weren't tested enough and our PP has been terrible. I attribute this to Souray's "upper body injury." He's simply not the same. And if he was healthy, we'd have had a real game going because he can beat you with it but create big juicy rebounds when he doesn't.

Though we whooped the Sabres 6-3 on the final day, they were out of it and it was still a defensively questionable game. Theo wasn't nearly as sharp as he was today but the fact I haven't seen that remarkable playoff winning hockey from the Habs for about 3 weeks really worries me. The 3-2 win over the Devils was the crowning jewel after also ousting Colorado, Ottawa, the Devils again. Since then, we've been shut out 3 teams (if you include this), scored 1 goal twice and blew a 2-0 lead in a lazy effort. These are not signs that point to rebounding, but if you consider this is the playoffs and the whip will be cracked much harder (the Habs were losing meaningless games by then), hopefully it means a win. Maybe some Boston OT magic (Rivet and Juneau did it; so which unheralded hero is next; Dowd, Begin, Ward? Who I thought all played decent games).

Also, Kovy needs to be the LW on the first line. Why not, it's not interrupting some torrential streak of sorts. What took so long to realize Ribeiro is the same flashy dipsy doodle player as Kovalev is and that Alexei needs a playmaker like Koivu instead with a gritty, strong sniper to create more room. Then we have 2 solid scoring lines, 2 solid defensive lines to shut down the offense of the B's (no more Juneau, Perreault because they suck and Bulis and Dagenais can alternate on the 2nd line depending on if Dags is playing well at all) and on defense, just insert Komisarek because Q was awful and he's the top culprit to go. That's even though the other guys sucked too.

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