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04-08-2004, 08:37 AM
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This Series is going 7....

Well folks okay... we've read the threads, we all saw last nights game, talk with our friends, looked at the stars, read our horoscopes etc etc etc... We all knew that this series would be a tough one -YET enjoyable and obviously full of great hockey action, and even though its been dubbed a David and Goliath affair, with both teams it really is that hard to call... I looked up the last couple of years matchups with the bruins and this is how we've done.... Yes i know its playoff time and the games are soooo much different in regards to the regular season, but in the last few years its been so tight to call... I just think that with all this in mind we might be looking at a long series...

Here are all the results.

2001-2002 Playoffs

Habs 5 - 2 Bruins
Habs 4 - 6 Bruins
Habs 5 - 3 Bruins
Habs 2 - 5 Bruins
Habs 2 - 1 Bruins
Habs 2 - 1 Bruins

2002-2003 Regular Season

Habs 2 - 4 Bruins
Habs 4 - 2 Bruins
Habs 4 - 2 Bruins
Habs 3 - 6 Bruins
Habs 3 - 1 Bruins

2003-2004 Regular Season

Habs 3 - 2 Bruins
Habs 1 - 0 Bruins
Habs 1 - 1 Bruins
Habs 0 - 2 Bruins
Habs 0 - 1 Bruins
Habs 2 - 3 Bruins

2003-2004 Playoffs

Habs 0 - 3 Bruins

Now i'm not normally one for stats, when it comes to predicting a game.. all i'm trying to say is that too be honest because of our rivalry we're probably looking at a long series... Though as we witnessed last night.. the best team on the night will we... Lets hope Friday we're the best team!!!!

Go : Go

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