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04-08-2004, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by blah
Pitkanen is having trouble finding minutes, do you honestly think Woywitka would've been given any consideration this season?

I disagree. They said Burke was their franchise player. It looks like Clarke's intention was to retrade Comrie. They gave him a look, and if he lit up the scoreboard they might have kept him. He didn't and it was obvious he wasn't fitting in. You don't find it the least bit fishy he was sent to Gretzky, a Comrie family friend?
That is beside the point. The fact remains Clarke gave up on a top end defensive prospect who we could use as depth in the playyoffs plus a 1st and 3rd for a test. Then, he trades the test subject to Phoenix for a back up goalie, a 4th line player and a potential 4th/3rd line player. There is no way that works out. Anyway you slice it, the Flyers lose and Clarke was wrong. He made a mistake and no matter how Eager turns out, he will not even up the deal. (This is of corse he does not become a 30 goal scorer, which he will not) Burk could have been aquired for a 2nd round pick.

1st > Burk
Jeff > Radio
3rd < (Slightly) Eager

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