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04-08-2004, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
And Gainey didn't trade for him to "finish all his checks" but rather to be the offensive catalyst for a team that struggles for Offense and AK hasn't come close to achieving that with his 1 goal(empty net) and 2 assists(one also a emtpy net I believe).
I don't think we share very different opinions on this subject. I'm planning on being patient with Kovalev because it is only 1 game into the playoffs and he played with a cancerous player in Perreault, who's dragged down the most intense and best of players in Montreal.

Kovalev hasn't produced as expected. I'll await to see if he does in the playoffs. I wouldn't call a player who's playing big and finishing his checks a 'dog' though, and what's what I took exception to with the other Ranger fan's post. He wasn't brought in to do this, but the fact that Kovalev is doing these smaller things and has improved defensively demonstrates a will to improve. This isn't a player who's struggling because he's not working.

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