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04-08-2004, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
I'm just worried about Nolan. If he went to a college or juniors or somewhere I'd feel more comfortable but the coaching situation is a lot like their draft pick this season. We really can't afford another "experiment". I like Nolan but his success is essentially tied to one season and as of right now there isn't enough other evidence to point to.

I think McGill could be the right choice IF the team is serious about going with a young team. Same for Nolan. Really it depends on what this team plans to do.

I wouldn't be opposed to Nolan per say, but if we're going down that path we might as well go with McGill. Which of course means we're probably stuck with Renney.
I agree entirly that this team can't afford to take another risk with the head coach, but how is McGill not an experiment? He's coached 2 years for the pack, one of which has been succesful, and proven even less at the NHL level than nolan has. I'm not saying that i want nolan here or that i would be totally adverse to McGill getting the job, but if a guy like larry robinson wants the job (didn't he reject it last year becouse he wanted to coach younger players?) then thats the direction you have to go. A bad coaching hire (as well as a lack of resolution from sather/dolan) is the easiest way to derail thie rebuilding effort. With this in mind i think you have to go after a guy with an NHL track record.

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