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04-08-2004, 12:44 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Fletch
and what's implied by kazo, I believe, is that he's talking about guys that have size and use that size. The Rangers need players that will win those battles in the corner. That doesn't mean that you turn away every undersized guy, but if you're looking to sign one out of three and all else being equal, you should choose the one who uses his size a bit better in most instances.
Fletch, like I said earleir, you can never have enough size but I laso think there is a real dearth of skill/talent/speed in the organization...Who do we really have? There's Balej, who I love but then?.....There are alot of questions about Lundmark...... DOminc moore, who I think will be fine, did not have a very good year...Will Umberger be signed?....WHo else is there? In the COlleges we mostly have big bodies except for Roche...In Juniors and Europe there's Dawes and Marek, neither a slam dunk...I think we need speed, skill, finesse/passing every boit as much as size, probably more...

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