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01-02-2008, 07:30 AM
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This might be a useful video for you guys (indeed, for anyone trying to learn how to add more power to their shot). If you apply what Kovalev is saying about loading the shaft up with a short wind up, you should be able to develop a decent snap shot.

I find that as long as I am able to concentrate on the shot and focus on how I am positioning myself for it, my snap shot is often more useful than my slapshot. As I'm getting ready to shoot, instead of focusing on a big wind up, I make sure I'm holding the stick in the right place to get as much flex as possible and then focus on really leaning onto the stick. If I can do that, I don't need much time or wind up to get a good shot away. The trick is to do that smoothly while skating.

One thing I find helpful to setting the shot up is faking a little move just before the shot. I'm right handed, so if I have the puck on my forehand while going towards the net (from whatever angle), I'll fake as if I'm going to move it to the backhand and go a little to my left (which puts my weight on my left foot). As I get it roughly in front of my left foot on the backhand, pull it back across to my forehand, cutting back a little to the right so that my weight is on my right foot. From there, I can push into the shot (sometimes with next to no wind up, sometimes only a small wind up) from my right foot and really load the stick up. I don't need the big wind up if I get it right because I can put a lot of my weight on the stick, pressing it down into the ground, and the little move is sometimes enough to open up a shooting lane (otherwise, I just shoot through the screen set by the Dman - always good). If you can do those movements quickly, you can sometimes surprise the goalie. Not always enough to beat them, but if you keep going to the net, you can pick up rebounds from the keeper just trying to get anything behind the first shot. The best that ever worked for me was when a goalie once pounced on the loose puck to make a save, after it had bounced out of his goal. He didn't see the shot at all as I used the Dman in front of me as a screen and shot it behind him after making the move. Shame it doesn't always work like that though

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