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01-02-2008, 05:18 PM
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This used to be my weakest shot and thus the least used, but now it is my favorite shot because it results in more goals. It takes practice, and even my snapshot now isn't pretty like some players who can really get it off fast with more power than me, but it is most like a fast 'twitch' shot more than a dragging motion like a wristshot or windup with a slapshot.

The position of the puck is more like that of a slapshot in that you leave it mid-stance instead of pulling it back like a wrist shot, then you have a few choices. Some guys pull their stick back just a tad bit like you would do when stick handling back and forth then 'snap' it off fast like a mini-slapshot, whereas the really good players manage to to a mini-toe drag from out at the toe to the heel and roll their wrists quickly to execute the shot.

The best way I can describe the motion is to hold your hands out as if you're holding the stick, then in a sudden jerky motion, snap your low hand forward 8-10 inches and your upper hand in to your body the same amount. This levering action generates the snap and thus the energy in the shot. The loading of the stick comes from pushing down on the ice by angling your stick into the ice to flex the stick then towards the mid-point of the motion rolling the face of the blade up to your target, getting more energy to release in the motion. (as seen in the video link above) This is the key to the shot IMO as it hides the shot and makes it look to the goalie that you're stickhandling. Keep your feet moving, don't coast into the shot like a wrister and you'll have even more success.

Good luck!


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