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04-08-2004, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
Just keep ignoring the actual truth and the fact that I have used ALL of the stats including his DEFENCIVE play as well as that of the impact his game had on his line mates when compared to the "scratched players" that you listed who were given more ice and better chances then him. I have refuted EVERY single one of your daft arguements and done so with quotes from our coach and with every available stat to prove where you were wrong.

It isn't my fault that you ALWAYS chose to ignore ALL of the stats and FACTS that I post and continue to focus on your tiny little bit of what I have said concerning his offence. I have proven he were a better defencive forward than the players YOU called "SCRATCHED" players as well as a better option on offence.

In fact, if anything, I have proven to have a better overall impact on our teams DEFENCE than anything else.

You can continue to ignore it all you want, it doesn't make it any less true.


It is absolutely clear we are both ****ers here.

It is also clear that one of us is the type of ****** who no matter how clear the truth is presented to them and the actual FACTS that are presented along with them, that they will choose to try and find as many different ways to spin things to support their incorrect and blankered opinions.

I have answered ever single one of your "arguements" with actual facts to support my position. I have used the same statistics (ALL OF THEM INCLUDING DEFENCIVE) that ALL OF THE HOCKEY WORLD USES to identify a players impact on his game and team.

I have provided the actual WORDS OF OUR COACH, Andy Murray, to support my position.

You simply dismiss all of that as my saying that mike has good offencive production.

Even IF I were to be wrong, which I am not, at the very least I have used statistics as well as actual comments from our own NHL COACH to back up my position while you simply have called me a liar and other childish words and provided NOTHING but your own daft opinion to support your position.


Write whatever else you want here mate, I am done with this and won't respond regardless of how insipid and daft your position is or whatever childish names or accusations you have to make towards me.

I am confident of two things.

I have proven my position by supporting it with as many statistics (ALL OF THEM by the way INCLUDING ALL AVAILABLE DEFENCIVE STATS) and actual quatations from our coach and am confident that if we were to present our positions to an actual expert in the feild that you would come out wanting.

We are both equally stubborn and have beaten this horse into the ground and then beaten the ground into the dust and then beaten the dust into thin air.

Right were it belongs, along with your daft and wrong belief that Mike Cammelleri had "a few good games and then struggled and got sent down" and that I EVER made ANYTHING up.


I am done.
Everything he said^

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