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Originally Posted by familyguyman View Post
Ok, here's the deal. Tapered shaft lets you get off a quicker but weaker shot. Standard is a thicker neck so it takes more force to "load" the shot. The shot is much harder though. If you are a strong person, then standard would be fine, especially from the point or the slot when you can pick your corners. If you are a faster player who likes to deke, then tapered will let you finish better. In close, go tapered, long range, go standard. Hope this helps.
Huh? Shots with the tapered shaft are just as hard but quicker than a standard shaft. Tapered shafts are the same thing as OPSs'. Both are going to have about the same feel depending on which type of blade and shaft combo you use. Use some composite blades and they feel kind of dead where as using a wood blade gives you more feeling. Having used both types the real difference is in getting a shot off quicker.

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