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01-03-2008, 10:25 PM
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I'm doing too good and I'm not having ANY fun.

I'm playing a pretty competative league... if you're a normal 20 year old skater. I'm not. I'm not trying to brag but I was all-state allstar at one time in highschool and I'm just doing too good in this league. So I have a delima.

First let me set things up for you

Our team is the best team in the league, me and my best freind I've had since living here have a combined point total of 174 points in 33 games, and with our right wing thrown in that's a 216 point total for our line. We've won all of those games but 6 and lost 4 others in overtime (23-6-4). Our goalies aren't phenominal, our defense is reliable but not amazing. It's mostly my line and our second line (about as dominant as ours with 194 points on that line). We just ended up with the best players in our league and it's not fun anymore.

My stats:
Games Played: 33
Goals: 32
Assists: 60
Points: 92
I've had an 8 point night, four 7 point nights, and three 6 point nights (one tonight) since the league started

My freind (our center)'s stats:
Games Played: 33
Goals: 44
Assists: 48
Points: 82

Neither of us are having any fun. I'm sure you're thinking "wow they must be having a blast tearing it up like that" but no. I'm used to very tough competition and I love challenges. In highschool I was able to become the youngest captian our Varsity team has ever had because I played well in challenges. Now the scoring list for our league (12 teams mind you) have 3 of our players at the top (me, my buddy and the right wing on the 2nd line) then there's a 26 point gap between that third guy and the next guy on the league's list.

I can't go back to college hockey because I'm afraid I'll suck after my back problems, but I think this is the best league I can get into. What should I do?

I'm not having any fun, I don't care about the games anymore, I play close to 22 minutes a game and I'm still bored stiff.

Are there any ideas from anybody on how to make my game more exciting? I used to set goals for myself like score 2 goals in the first period or stuff like that but I stopped after I was able to do that easily . I'm kinda scared I have no where to go.

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