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04-08-2004, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
Green's hit could have been called if the ref chooses to be technical about obstruction, Souray's penalty will be called one night maybe not another. I agree with Mike, that's how Manson used to do it. For the guy who said Manson used his glove hand only, c'mon, Manson would have used a sword if he could get away with it. I saw him with Mtl., he would do anything he could and would snap like few players I ever saw. To call hits like Greens' cheap or gutless is in itself cheap and gutless. Our guy got the worst of it, no need to whine or snivel.
I'll retract my "gutless" and "cheap" if you'll retract your "gutless" and "cheap" and possibly the "whine" and "snivel". I might be a tad protective of the cube because he's on the small side and I may have sipped a wee bit extra of my homebrew Scottish Smoked Ale prior to coming to his defense. Cheers

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