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01-04-2008, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by clmetsfan View Post
We're almost at the halfway point (41 games), and I'm really bored, so I figured I'd throw this out there now.

Lundqvist: A Would have been an A+ if this was done after the first two months, but he's slumped lately.
Valiquette: B Solid performances when he gets the rare start, except for the clunker against Phoenix. Proved that he's a legit NHL backup though.

Avery: A- Still the catalyst for the team.
Betts: A- Fills his role as a 4th liner to near-perfection. Would like to see a little more scoring obviously, but he doesn't exactly have offensive stalwarts on his line.
Callahan: D Biggest disappointment on the team this season, IMO. Huge step backward after last season. Only reason this isn't an F is because I'm cutting him a little slack due to the knee injury.
Drury: B- Not all I had hoped for so far, but he's on pace for a typical Drury season points wise, and has been a rock in his own end and on the PK. He'll tally some more big goals ala the Montreal game before the season's over.
Dubinsky: B Coming into his own very nicely. Did a respectable job on the top line, but it's obviously not where he should be. If he has more games in the second half like he did against Calgary, he'll be a stud.
Gomez: A Best forward on the team in the first half. If he and Jagr can keep it up he'll be worth every penny.
Hollweg: C Not bad, not good. He is what he is.
Hossa: C- Needs to light the lamp a bit more, but he's still one of the best defensive forwards on the team.
Jagr: C+ Starting to break out of his funk, but a largely disappointing first half.
Orr: B- Does his job as an enforcer well. Not his fault Renney plays him too much. Become a very smart fighter, both tactically and strategically.
Prucha: D+ Still works hard, but really needs to start converting.
Shanahan: B+ Slow start, but leads the team in goals. Play on the PK is just gravy.
Straka: A- Needs to shoot the puck a bit more, but I think he deserves the credit Jagr and Gomez have given him for turning that line around.

Tyutin: B+ Solid all-around, but still prone to the occasional lapse and would like to see a little more production on offense.
Girardi: B Fantastic early, not so much lateley. His offense has been a huge bonus though.
Roszival: A- Best overall d-man on the team. Already matched his goal total from last season, and is very good in his own end. A bona fide top pairing guy.
Staal: B+ Almost everything you could have hoped for. Like almost everyone else though, has taken a small step backwards lately.
Malik: C- Infuriating at times, but still doesn't deserve all the criticism he gets.
Mara: B Has been the best D-man in his own end in the past week or so. Needs to shoot more, and get it on net when he does.
Strudwick: B- Ridiculously slow, but makes up for it with good positioning and grit. A very good 7th d-man.
Good list! Not one grade that i disagree with. EXCEPT..Malik does deserve the criticism he has gotten lately. And I used to be (last season) a supporter of his. The guy is done, his legs are gone, and if possible he may get worse.

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