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04-09-2004, 10:44 AM
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I've seen Rimouski... (Stewart, Crosby).

I've seen Rimouski against Shawinigan, earlier this year and this last Wednesday, as they beat them to take the series 4-0...
I've seen Rimouski against Quebec, as we were about 14 500 in the Colisée.
I've seen Rimouski against Drummondville, with those "radio-énergie" dumb crew people.

Here's what I saw, and a good friend of mine agrees about Danny Stewart.
When I first saw him, during warmup, I said by looking at his skates: he's just like Ribeiro, whom I saw a couple years ago when he was with the Quebec's Remparts.
After seeing him, more and more, I told myself: it's not just the way he laces 'em up. It's everything. He's a flashy player, sloppy skating, average speed, good passer, can shoot it, very creative too. He's a Ribeiro-clone, in my views, but without the real elite skills that Ribeiro had at the very same age. He does eveything that Ribeiro did good, a big notch below (IMO). I think he might be better in his zone. He's also willing to take the body. He did a couple nice checks in every games I saw him especially this Wednesday, even with his small stature.
Another thing is, it's really hard to be impressed by a smart but sloppy player, when a phenom is playing the next shift...
I really do think that Stewart's a good little player with some good overall skills. But, I'd be surprised if he ever plays at the NHL level, which is not impossible, though.
When I saw Mike Ribeiro, he was a year older and dominating. My friend was sold on Eric Chouinard at this time, and I told him: Ribeiro's gonna get 50 points in Montreal, before Chouinard's even become a regular NHL'er... if he ever does.

I saw a post here, speaking about the possibilities of the Habs being interrested in Michal Sersen.
I don't know if it's true, but anyway I think he's great.
He's the first defencemen in Rimouski that caught my attention. He played solid both defensively & offensively in about every games I saw.
He's mobile & intelligent skater with good size & balance. I taught he was strong along the board, physacal enough. He also has great vision on the PP, a serious one-timer.
I should've watched him more, but again there is another player to look at.

There's also Marc-Antoine Pouliot, Oilers' draftee, which I saw only twice, since he was injured. I haven't been overly impressed, but you can see why he's been drafted in the 1st round.
He's blessed with great size, with some bulking up to do, of course. He's so hard to knock off the puck, it's great to see him along the boards. He's physically winning lots of battle, but it's mostly with his pair of hands that he's getting to job done.
He's a solid skater, shooter & passer. He's a blessed offensive player, who does play great hockey in his own zone.
I'm also giving him the 1st price in the skates department. Gotta' love those Graf 709.

A quick note on Eric Nielson.
He's the toughest player I saw in all four games. He won a couple of fights, but he's more than a goon. He skates well, throw the body around an awful lots, agitate and good defensively. Drives the net hard, hard to knock off the puck, intense gritty player with size. Should play at a higher level.

Danny Roussin's the top goal-scrorer in the league, thanks to Crosby. I don't want to discredit the guy, but I have a hard time picturing him having more than 25goals without Crosby.
He does possess size, speed and willingness to throw the body. He's a good winger with a nice sets of shots. He seems like a good team-player, who might one day, play at the NHL level.

Oh! well... if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

As everything being said about Sydney Crosby ?
Man.. he was booed all over the place Wednesday. Peoples must hate that he's dominating so much that it's not even funny.
He's got the largest skill sets I've ever seen. Everything. He does it all at an incredible speed-rate. A monster speed-rate. Above all of this, he's working like it's his last game ever. He's working even harder than those 84hours/week little chinese guy who has no other choice to do so...
He got thicker & a bit taller since the 1st time I saw him too. Who's gonna knock him off the puck next year ?

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