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01-04-2008, 09:25 PM
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because i to am bored, ill do one aswell

Avery-A: A-Very important player, stats dont lie, when he's in, we are a better team, he has been an important player on a team that needs his fire more then ever
Betts-A: does his job so well, the perfect 4th liner. kills penalties, and is one of the best around at it, will block any shot, can play a lil physical, and is a good skater. he also should be around for a while, hopefully
Callahan- B- -I like what he can do, not what he has been doing. he has the ability to score but nothing is happening for him and he looks less confident in my opinion. he does the little things very well. he hits, forechecks, skates well. the scoring will come, better late then never.
Drury-B-Hasnt lived up to expectations, but has still played well. he kills penalties, is awesome on face-offs, and has played better offensively, we have seen what he can do in the clutch, and he will improve
Dubinsky-B+-He has certainly played well, better then expected, the way he played against calgary, he was easily the best ranger on the ice, he was amzing. he really hasnt produced as much lately, but has still played very well and can develop in to a good 2nd line center for the rangers future.
Gomez-A-Has been the best ranger, no doubt about it, just ended a 13 game point streak, and has been tearing it up lately, took a little while, but he's found his game
Hollweg-C-I like the energy he brings, but fact is, there are other players around, and some in our system, who can do a similar thing, except they can score, atleast a little bit. I like hollweg, but as the future comes, i dont see him in the rangers plans. he has played alright, but frankly, does not bring enough to the table. If he had scoring talent, he would be an agitator like avery, but the fact is, he has no scoring talent.
Hossa-F- dump him now, im not the kinda guy who usually gives up on players like that, but fact is, he doesnt have the talent to stick on this roster. hopefully, he is kept as bait to bring his brother in, if it gets marian in the offseason, i can forgive macel.
Orr-B-I cant believe there is hate for him. every team needs an enforcer, but whats even more impressive is how he's improved to a good defensive player, and more then just a goon who's only purpose is to fight. he is an asset to this team. KOlton SCORE is a must keep.
Prucha- C - The puck just never seems to find him. he played great against toronto, and i think that he might be finding his grove, but fact is, he isnt producing, he's supposed to be a goal scorer, and he isnt scoring, he does some of the little things right, but he gets leveled every other game, and that only helps the other team. I would rather we keep him, cuz i like prucha a lot, but if he were moved, it wouldnt be the end of the world.
Shanahan-A- He is shanahan, he is doing his thing, need i say more?
Straka-B+-Gomez said it best, Straka holds that like together, he has been impressive this year.
Girardi- A- -i love how his offensive game has improved. how he slipped undrafted, i do not know, but im glad we got him. an important part of our blueline for the present and future
Malik-C+-not as bas as many think, but he has not been impressive this year. sloppy play, bad passes, i think he is sick of new york. the city gave up on him.......
Mara- B- -He needs to shoot more, he's got a good shot and isnt to bad defensively either. he has been an important part of the blueline. He can play a little more physical, but he has a heavy shot, and can be a vey important asset for this team.
Rozsival- B- - he is a beast offensively, but he's a defenseman, and he needs to play D first. lets just say this isnt the same rozsival of the playoffs last year. he has been sloppy, bad passes and giveaways and he doesnt shoot enough. i love his offensive game, and i do not like his defensive game, this year atleast.
Staal-A- has exceeded expectations, I am very impressed with his play, and i think he will only improve. He is going to be a star in the league one day.
Strudwick-C+-He is what he is, a 7th Dman, he does his job fine, is a leader. he isnt very great of a player, but he does his job fine. I'm glad we have him
Tyutin- A- -he has played very well and him and girardi make a great pair. he is very good on the defensive side of the puck, and can bury it in the back of the net aswell

Lundqvist- A- -Has been the savior this year, but has struggled lately, once he gets his early season form back, we will be a much better team. (especially if the D helps him out a lil more) Atleast it shows us why we need a good backup
Valliquette-B He is a perfect backup. he improved a lot this offseason, and has taken this back up job and made the most of it. im comfortable that when lundqvist needs a night off, we have a solid back up

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