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01-05-2008, 12:44 PM
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Lundqvist: A if not for December, he'd be perfect.
Valiquette: B+ he's been as good as you can hope a back up can be filling in and his attitude is great.

Avery: B+ when he plays he is still effective
Betts: A- probably the most underrated player on this team. he's really stepped up his defensive game this year imo.
Callahan: D he hasn't been directly responsible for anything detrimental but he's been disappointing and invisible far too often this season.
Drury: B- fairly inconsistent and invisible more than you'd like. don't care how his points correlate to his career, he's been a little disappointing imo being the steady player he's supposed to be.
Dubinsky: B if only he'd start getting points for all his efforts, he's been very impressive and has showed rapid development. oddly enough i notice him most often among all forwards creating chances in the offensive zone.
Gomez: A- can't dismiss his dismal start but he's finally getting comfortable and looks like every bit the player we hoped for.
Hollweg: C+ personally think he gets overly criticized. he brings his game most nights and it usually is effective.
Hossa: C+ he's been everything i'd expect going into the season, and finally it seems renney has realized he's not going to get any better than what he currently is.
Jagr: B- its easy to give jagr a lower grade given the expectations however he's still been one of our more effective forwards offensively at times, but its not enough to cover for his defensive woes, and obviously his disappointing season factors in.
Orr: B i've been pleased with him. he hasn't frustrated me at all this season.
Prucha: C+ i love prucha, you can't help but to root for him and he does everything to make you happy but he can't score which is essential for him.
Shanahan: B+ shanny's been about as good as i'd hope for him to be if not better. he hasn't been as dynamic as last year but he's come up big at times.
Straka: A- i said betts was the most underrated player earlier, check that, its either straka or betts.

Tyutin: B+ he is just progressing as we hoped. i like that he's getting involved offensively more, he certainly is capable of it. he's had a few rough moments but overall i've been very pleased.
Girardi: B great start to the season but he's been on a rapid decline. hopefully he'll get it together soon.
Roszival: A it wasn't that long ago where i couldn't stand him and malik, but he's been a wonder for us since last year. not quite a #1, but certainly worthy of top pairing status. he's been solid on the defensive end and great offensively.
Staal: B+ he's been incredibly steady, maybe our most consistent defenseman, which is bizarre considering his age and experience. you can tell he's gaining more confidence, taking more risks. he's been the defense's answer to dubinsky.
Malik: C- can't stand him. honestly, i think he's been directly responsible for more goals than the rest of team combined. i can't remember a player, even poti - who i disliked more, that has made more turnovers, stupid penalties, and inadvertent deflections, all that lead to goals against. imo, front office is finally realizing how much of a liability he is and i think he'll be lucky if he's still on the team by the end of february.
Mara: B i used to think he doesn't get enough credit, but its more that he gets overly criticized at times. he's solid all around, a bit frustrating since he has obvious talent but it doesn't work for some reason. he's not liability, but he doesn't do anything extra.
Strudwick: B his true value has been off the ice, but not factoring that in, he's been great when he's played. you can't ask him to do more than he has. solid in his own zone, and smart.

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