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Originally Posted by Habs4Life
Ever see Yzerman, federov, hull, Shanny moved to the 4th line?

Scotty let them play because he knew they eventually would bust out and have a huge game
Bowman detests the way that fans number the lines 1 thru 4. The object is to employ your players in the way that he feels the team can win. The final game of the 1979 series that our Boston friends are so sick of us mentionning, featured constant line juggling. Gainey played the majority of his time on a defensive line, though he played for periods of time with Lafleur and Lemaire if he felt a certain matchup req'd a defensive presence. Bowman was notorious for moving D up to forward centers on the wing, anything to give his team an advantage. The notion of picking 4 lines,numbering them and leaving them alone is a fan's notion, not a coaches'. The teams that never change lines or adjust in game usually have coaches who don't have the mental acumen to play this kind of game. Kovalev has been juggled, maybe unfairly. Personally I think the problem has been that he's a winger who needs the puck a lot to be effective. His best hockey was played with guys like Straka and Lang who both play well off the puck. Koivu and Ribeiro are both centers who are best suited a playmaking quick pass game. They need good finishers. Ryder,Zednik, and to an extent Dagenais, suit their skills well. They haven't found out how Kovalev can fit with these guys. I don't know what has transpired in practice to make the coaching staff make the decisions that they have made. Juneau's obvious fragility along with the health of Sundstrom and Dackell has forced him to re-think one of his lines. I think in business, they call it the Peter principle when you automatically promote an employee to the next level when he does a good job. Begin,Ward and Langdon played well when they were expected to give 10 high energy minutes. Now 2 of the 3, because of their good play are expected to play against talented opposition and give 14-16 minutes. CJ, imo, isn't sure how to employ his lines because he thought certain players would be contributing right now, JJ,Dack,Sundstrom. This has a ripple effect and causes him to try and balance 3 or 4 lines. Couple this with an opponenet who is deeper than they have been in awhile, Bruins with Nylandr and a healthy Samsonov, and we have problems. I like Kovalev with Koivu because Koivu has enough experience to mesh with anybody, though I understand why the other lines were tried.

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