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04-09-2004, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan10
First of all, what did Jeff W ever do? Name one thing outstanding he did throughout his entire career? Lead Red Deer to a Memorial Cup Title? Nope, that would have been Jimmy Vandermeer, Colby Armstrong, and others. Was Jeff a big player on that team? Yes, but he wasn't a leader. Helped Canada win a silver medal at WJC? For a defenseman who was expected to do a lot, he did very little at the WJC. He scored one goal and had three points throughout the entire tournament. Compare that to what Ian White, Carlo Coliacovo did and Woywitka really did nothing. He wasn't the defensive stopper that the team was expecting. As for his first season in minor pro, he did didley squat. That's right, didley squat. He looked overwhelmed at times with the play in the AHL. Where "scrubs" like Randy Jones and Freddy Meyer looked very comfortable and moved ahead of Jeff on the prospect chart, Jeff slipped and he slipped alot. Will Jeff be a player in this league? Of course he will. But he was passed by better prospects in Philadelphia. That's the truth of the matter. Look at it any you want, but he was passed by Jones and Meyer. And now with Ruggeri on board and Korovkin expected to follow, he may have been pushed down even further. I'd say that if Seidenberg were healthy, he would have played ahead of Jeff. That's the truth of the matter. As for being a homer, I'm a fan. I've criticized Clarke in the past and there have been times where I've called for his head on a silver platter. However, Clarke has done an outstanding job overall. As for Ben Eager, I do admit to making a mistake with the Tocchet - Eager comparison. However, if Ben turns out to be another Scott Thornton, I'd have no complaints with that. I'm pretty sure that if I put up a poll, most people would agree that Scott Thornton is a hell of a player. As for you, you're nothing more than a troll. You look to start trouble and then when trouble comes and you get backed in a corner, you attack and lash out at others. As far as I'm concerned, you're probably nothing more than a closet Devils fan.

I not going to sit here and throw insults back and fourth. I was in a bad mood yesterday and I apologize for calling you and others idiots and homers, even though you did tell me to pull my head out of my ass for no reason.

With that said, I never questioned weather Jeff was a leader or not. I was trying to show an example of how Clarke consistently trades away young talent in dumb trades. He has no patience for developing talent, period. Don't down play Jeff W potential just because he is not in the Flyers system any longer. He was one of the best d-men in the OHL. As for Ben Eager, personally I don't see him turning into much of a NHL player. He'll likely end up as a 4th, maybe 3rd liner which is not equivalent to a 1st round pick. He only scored 25-30 goals last year in jrs. That does not equate to top level talent by any means. Only time will tell who is right so please, stop! I am tired of with some of you on this board. Again, only time will tell who's opinions are correct.

As for calling me a troll and closet devils are far off my friend. I just call it how I see it. The fact that I can look at things more objectively than you may upset you but sorry, that how it is. You may not like what I post but the funny thing is, I'm usually right.

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