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01-05-2008, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Horse house View Post
where else am I going to go to gloat?...which I wasn't doing...but since you're not being classy about it

lol what a joke on the on your damn PP
Right, where else would you go to gloat except after a victory over a very mediocre team without some of its better players. Yeah, I know you don't have Billy Sweatt and the other crackheads that were recently suspended, so spare me. Your team is having a good year, which I was respectful of until you came along. BTW you contradicted yourself on gloating (you were)/ not gloating (don't even deny it) in your last post.

Hmmm, you weren't gloating, eh? Now where would I get that idea with the little laughing emoticon that was attached to your post? I'm sure most people put that in their replies when they are feeling genuine sympathy for another teams' misfortunes. I just must be paranoid. And you are right; I wasn't being classy and I had no reason to be after your post. I don't even slag the Gopher fans after a loss on this board so don't talk to me about class.

Anyway, enjoy your team's good season and congrats on the sweep in only happens often as Haley's comet. CC is the better team this year, no doubt. Bucky owns your frustrated arses to the tune of 104-56-8 overall.

I appreciate the advice on the PP. I will contact Mike Eaves at my earliest convenience after he is through strangling his players (maybe he won't be since Alex Leavitt is gone) and imbue that pearl of wisdom unto him.

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